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The Polyurea Project of Jinan Olympic Center

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The Jinan Olympic Center, the main venue for the 2009 11th China National Games, covers an 81-hectare site east of Jinan in Shandong province. Its main stadium, seating 60,000 people, stands alongside a 10,000-seat gymnasium, a 4,000-seat swimming pool and a 4,000-seat tennis centre.
The Olympic Sports Center Stadium, located to the west of the Jinan Olympic Sports Center, plays an important part in displaying the unique design concept "East Lotus and West Willow” The five-floor stadium can hold 60,000 people, with a construction area of 131,000 sq m. It is home to an athletic training field and a football training field. The Indoor Tennis Stadium is located to the west of the Jinan Olympic Sports Center. It has a construction area of 31,000 sq m, with one floor underground and three floors above ground. The 4,000-seat stadium is home to two 1,000-seat training fields. During the 11th National Games, it stages the Tennis events. The Olympic Sports Center Natatorium is located to the west of the Jinan Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium. The 4,000-seat Gymnasium has a construction area of 47,000 sq m, with one floor underground and three floors above ground. During the 11th National Games, it stages the Swimming and diving events.

As the success of polyurea technology widely applied to large infrastructures of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, such as Beijing-Tianjin intercity rail way, Water Cube, Beijing South Railway Station, especially Bird’s Nest Stadium, the Jinan Olympic Center officials make a wise decided without hesitation to chose polyurea coating as stadium stands decorating and concrete protection. “We selected this coating system because it is stain-, UV-, and abrasion-resistance, and it will ensure a long-lasting-and good-looking-surface for years to come,” comments as one anonymity official.”Furthermore, we have reason to believe this project will make big success under supervision under Qingdao Technological University”
There’s no doubt that the play-by-play analysis coupled with the team effort of Qingdao Shamu International Trade CO., LTD. and the optimum polyurea product. Thanks to the renovation, millions of fans can be able to enjoy the 2009 11th China National Games.         

Polyurea Project:
?      Total Investment: RMB 30 million
?      Total Area: 150000 sq m
?      Application area:Stadium Stands, Natatorium
?      Design Period: 50 years
?      Total Construction Period: 1 Year
Point of Interest:
?      Primers, sealants, putty, Aliphatic spray polyurea coatings
According to the experience of being engaged in R&D on polyurea for decades of years, our engineer chose Qtech-112 surface preparation system and Qtech serials polyurea product for the cold winter.
The Qtech serials Polyurea product was an excellent choice for the field applicators. It dries very quickly, and goes on easily, even under humid conditions. This is the key on this job site, because the total schedule for construction was short limit time. It had to work quickly and yet get the job done right before the 2009 11th China National Games opening.
?      Use grinding machine to profile concrete surface
?      Remove all curing compounds, laitance and dusts
?      Repair all defects, pinholes, bug holes and expose voids by Qtech-112
?      Qtech serial Polyurea Spray