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Polyurea Application in Qingdao King Street Shopping plaza

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Qingdao King Street Shopping Plaza is a comprehensive civil and business subway Unicom shopping plaza; it is supported by Qingdao Municipal Government. Qingdao King Street Shopping Plaza is located in the eastern Jusco shopping district core, north of Hong Kong Middle Road, south of the East Sea Road, the total length is 400 meters. It is the only under-construction high-class decoration underground shopping mall to interchange with “Yan’er Island Subway Standers” of Qingdao Metro 2 Line in Hong Kong Road. This new type of combination is unquestionable the best business structure both in Qingdao and all over China.   

?      Total Investment: RMB 3 Billion
?      Total Area:100,000 Sq.m
?      Underground Floor: 3 floors
?      Each Floor Area: 20,000 Sq.m
?      Up ground: Urban greenery plants
?      Polyurea Application: Basement roof and foundation slab
?      Total Construction Period: 1 Year
The problems of short schedule and the effect of plaza construction on environment have been solved by the application of diaphragm wall and inverse construction method in Qingdao King Street Shopping Plaza Project, which has provided successful experience of the deep foundation pit support and construction of high-rise building in downtown district such as Qingdao South District.
Polyurea Application
Project: Qingdao King Street Shopping plaza
Owner: Qingdao Aohua Investment and Development Co., Ltd.
Installer: Beijing Zhongtong New Building Material Corporation
Supervision: Qingdao Shamu International Trade CO., LTD.
System: Qtech-410
Area: 100,000 Sq. m
The traditional materials have proven to be existed many disadvantages; lots of failures of traditional material make the owner give up these waterproof rolls. After several conference calls, fact-finding and research activities, and face-to-face meetings, the Owner felt convinced that the information and assurances provided by our Design and Construction engineers, the material supplier, and a certified applicator would merit their acceptance of the polyurea coating in these difficult areas. 
In order to meet the waterproofing, long-term use and other special requirements of underground project and construction environment, polyurea products can not only have common properties such as waterproof, chemical resistance, excellent physiochemical, but also excellent erosion resistance, cracking bridge, seamless, integrity, impact resistance, anti roof puncture and anti mildew especially. Our engineers and formulators recommended Qtech-410 Spray Pure Polyurea Ultra High Strength Material, Qtech-410 was chosen because it is the state of the art 100% solids, flexible, spray-applied, high build, two components, fast set, and aromatic pure polyurea elastomer. It is seamless, ultra high strength, high-elongation, water resistant, chemical attack resistant, impact resistant, plant roots puncture resistant and anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion. Qtech-410 is relatively moisture and temperature insensitive, allowing application in the most problematic ambient conditions. It is the optimum choice for green plant roof system which exhibits extraordinary performance characteristics.
The installation consisted of:
?      Grid blasting surface prep
?      Crack and joint detailing
?      Qtech-112 surface prep system
?      Qtech-410 polyurea
This project is throughout supervised and guided by Qingdao Shamu International Trade CO., LTD.
Surface Prep

Quality Control