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Polyurea Protective Project of the Golden Ore Thickening Tan

Project Outline

Tajikistan adjacent to Xinjiang China in the east, and the Afghanistan in the North, it is a mountain area and with 90% of the land is mountains and highlands. Almost half of the land is over 3000m high, and with perpetual snow on top of the mountain, known as the “Mountain Country”. The whole land is typical continental climate, dry and hot, and the temperature difference between day and night is evident. The temperature can be 60℃ high in the day and down to 0 ℃ in the night during the application, which brings much difficult. The golden ore that was aid built by China Zijin Mining Group is a highly valued economic and technical cooperation project between China and Tajikistan, Chairman Hu and President Emomali Rakhmon both attend the signing ceremony.

Polyurea application

he application scope including three steel thickeners’ tank which each diameter is 50m and 3m in high, 16 steel liquid process tanks, gravity water tank, etc. These tanks were all being used for over 1 year, the surface is rust heavily, and they were in a severe corrosion condition(PH=9~11), the design thickness of the protective lining was averagely over 3mm.

The surface of the thickener was complicated, and the highest application place was 8m in high, the narrowest place was only 0.5m2. Normal coating system could never meet the anti-corrosion needs of the refine process of the golden mine.


This application is hard and difficult, but under the remorseless comfort and supported by the R&D Center of Pure Polyurea in CHINA, we have completed this project successfully, and was highly praised by the customer. Our pure polyurea used for anti-corrosion area is much beyond the traditional method such as panting and glass fiber, and play an important role in enhancing the efficiency of refining in the golden ore, this project was reputed by the customer as the wonderful model, classic, and long life project!

喷涂前全貌.jpg 喷涂后全貌.jpg 喷涂前溢流槽.jpg 喷涂后溢流槽.jpg
喷涂前浓密池底.jpg 喷涂后浓密池底.jpg 喷涂前耙架.jpg 喷涂后耙架.jpg
喷涂前中间槽罐.jpg 喷涂中间槽罐.jpg 中心柱外壁喷涂.jpg 喷涂后中心柱外壁.jpg
池壁喷涂.jpg 底漆施工.jpg 聚脲喷涂.jpg 中心柱外壁喷涂.jpg