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Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

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Project Outline

The project starts from the No. 308 national highway in the east, stretches over Jiaozhou Bay water and reaches Hongshi Cliff in Huang Island in the west Island organically. The project has a total mileage of 35.4 kilometers, of which 26.75 km is over the sea, the 26.75-km bridge will connect downtown Qingdao with the city suburbs of Hongdao and Huangdao. The eastern and western reaches of Jiaozhou Bay are now connected by ferries that carry about 1,000 passenger and cargo vehicles each day, and motorway ringing the bay that can carry about 25,000 cars a day. The bridge will have six lanes and enable driving speeds of 80 km an hour, shortening the distance between downtown and Huangdao by 30 km to a half-hour drive.

Construction began in December 2006 and is scheduled for completion in three years. Using state-of-the-art technologies and materials, it is designed for a century of use, even in harsh conditions. The concrete decks and piers are fully exposed in marine environmental, conventional concrete protection materials cannot meet the needs of durability of concrete, aromatic and aliphatic polyurea is the best choice to prevent damage and improve the durability to the bay ecology and water quality.


Project Outline

?      Total Investment: RMB 9 Billion

?      The Main Line:28.047 Km

?      Cross-Sea Bridge: 25.171 Km

?      Height: Upon Water 50m (max)

?       Width: 35m

?       Designed For: Both Directions 6 Lanes

?       Design Speed:80Km/h

?       Polyurea Application: Piers and Railing

?       Total Construction Period: 3.5 Years

Point of Interest:

?Primers, sealants, putty, Aliphatic spray polyurea coatings


Based on the requirements specified by Shandong Hi-Speed Group. Ltd, the project incorporated several other coatings. “One of our priorities was to have all of our products performed excellent compatibility and supplied from our institution, so that we didn’t’t have a problem trying to afraid match the harsh environment and all of other different coatings. Qtech serials products have met all of their needs.

According to the experience of being engaged in R&D on polyurea for decades of years, our engineer chose Qtech-112 surface preparation system and Qtech-411 Spray Pure Polyurea Ultra-Weather Resistant Material finally.

?       Use grinding machine to profile concrete surface

?        Remove all curing compounds, laitance and dusts

?        Repair all defects, pinholes, bug holes and expose voids by Qtech-112

?        Qtech-411 Aliphatic Polyurea Spray

Surface preparations began with a thorough washing of chloride to remove salts from sea water and marine atmosphere. Once cleaned, areas of damaged or missing concrete were identified, evaluated and repaired by Qtech-112. Once the surface was properly prepared, a 40-millimeter layer of Qtech primer was applied. After the primer was setting, a secondary layer was sprayed by 1.5mm of Qtech aliphatic polyurea.

As the jobsite was accessible but tricky – front access was possible only with pickup trucks. All equipment had to be assembled in a spray rig with GUSMER H-20/35 Pro, GX-7-400 Gun, Air Dryer, Air Compressor etc。