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The Most Advanced Polyurea Spray Machine

Being strongly cooperated with PMC® Corporation(Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, formerly known as spray machine originator, GUSMER), Shamu will provide the best pure polyurea technology as well as the most advanced polyurea spray machine, the most recommended ones are PHX-2 and PHX-40.

Most cost-effective Spray Machine—PHX-2:       
  •  New Open Clevis Design, Economically priced
  • Device control unit, avoid burn out of the panel
  • New design to avoid“flee”of the materials
  • Small & Lightweight of AP-2 Gun
  • Cycle Totalizer, accurately control
  • Automatic Digital Temperature Control
  • Redundant Over Temperature Protection
  • Hose Heat Tap Settings, Longer Service Life
  • Pressure Balance Control(PBC)
  • Low Amperage Requirements, more efficient
  • Best choice for inner tank, speaker box, helmet, bedliner.etc.

Most Classic Spray Machine— PHX-40:

  • Rugged, durable
  • Device control unit, avoid burn out of the panel
  • New design to avoid“flee”of the material
  • Small & Lightweight of AP-2 Gun
  • Automatic ISO Lube System
  • New Control System, Cycle Totalizer
  • Opposed Piston Metering Pumps
  • Digital Automatic Temperature Control
  • Open Frame Design
  • Hose Heat Tap Settings
  • Heater, Pressure Range and Ratio Options
  • Best choice for big projects such as waterproofing, bridge, stadium.etc.



Main technical parameters of PHX-2 & PHX-40:

Output* 1.7 gallon/min 2.5 gallons/min
Maximum Working Pressure 3000 psi 3500 psi
Maximum Hose Length 410ft 410 ft
Heater Wattage 10500 watts 18,000 watts
Hose Heating Power 70 Volts 120 Volts
Maximum Fluid Temperature 190 Degrees F 190 Degrees F
Weight (w/o Hydraulic Fluid) 415 lbs 520 lbs
Weight (with Hydraulic Fluid) 450 lbs 65x100x135 cm
Dimensions 111x55x132 cm 65x100x135 cm
Electrical 3x380V,51A 3x380V,62A

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