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QTG in New Zealand —— Get further discussion about polyurea

Published:2018-12-12  Source:ShaMu international  View:881

Brand Concept

“Leading Technology, Proven Quality,Serve for China, Face to the World" is the business concept which we  are adhering to all the time. While providing high quality polyurea products to customers around the world, we also provide customers with professional technical guidance and perfect after-sales maintenance services.

Technological Guidance

Recently,at the invitation of New Zealand customers, Professor Weibo Huang of Qingdao University of Technology, together with the technicians of Shamu, brought the QTG training course to New Zealand, which laid the foundation for the popularization of polyurea technology in New Zealand and neighboring countries.

Professor Huang was explaining the theory about QTG

Professor Huang was discussing with the trainees in the QTG lesson

Professor Huang's theoretical course was well received by students, who asked questions and got great interest in polyurea technology.
After the theory course, Professor Huang showed on-site construction training at the sponsor's site.All the New Zealand students who first use polyurea successfully completed the spraying of polyurea under the guidance of Professor Huang, and highly affirmed the high-tech performance of the polyurea and expressed their intention to continue to cooperate with Shamu in the future.

Professor Huang was guiding the trainees to deal with the base materials for polyurea construction

Final examination

the courses was finished,and the souvenirs were delivered to everyone

QTG has successfully held 20 events since 2009, and has been widely praised by students both at home and abroad. Professor Huang's charming teaching style and practical teaching,attracted a lot of students and made every student feel that he has benefited a lot. With the support of the students, QTG goes abroad to the world to make more students feel the market leadership and professionalism of Chinese polyurea , and truly move from "Made in China" to "Wisdom in China"!
Shamu will keep inheriting Professor Huang's scientific concept, will transport the professional polyurea technology, excellent polyurea products all over the world,and develop more different applications to benefit the community!

Professor Huang Microwave and New Zealand students had a group photo taken