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Shamu Advanced Material Assisted the "COME ON! TO THE FUTURE

Published:2018-10-10  Source:ShaMu international  View:852


“Come on! To the future" is a CCTV-1 scientific experiment program hosted by Sa beining and Ethan. The program aims to show the wonder, beauty, interest and use of science, and encourage the audience experience the fantasy of science in a relaxing and pleasant way.
The planner of the program was amazed and attracted by the magic polyurea technology as soon as they know it. The program finally get contact with” the father of China polyurea” -- Professor Weibo Huang from Qingdao university of technology, and decided to show the technology in the program after deeply acknowledging polyurea technology and its development history in China. As an excellent domestic manufacturer of polyurea material, Qingdao Shamu Advanced Material Co., Ltd. provides all the polyurea materials and offer the advanced technical support for the program.

 Machine and material

Spraying the paper cup

Trimming the cup


Technician at the hall for the program

Prior to the broadcast, the rumors "Coating cool technology” from abroad Which was widely spread on the Internet &media and could make watermelons fall from dozens of meters high buildings without breaking, even bulletproof,were finally cracked one by one in the program production process. In fact, this advanced technology is developed with independent intellectual property rights of polyurea technology in our country as early as in 1998, in Qingdao university of science and technology, under the guidance of Professor Weibo Huang, and successfully applied to the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge, and so on many national key infrastructure construction, and even national defense military project.
Spraying polyurea elastomer is actually one technology, more than a single material or formulation, Qingdao Shamu Advanced Material Co., LTD. will adhere to the scientific concept of Professor Huang, continuously develop new polyurea materials to meet the needs of different customers, and provide professional supporting services, contribute to the development of polyurea.


Spraying the paper cup VCR

Spraying the polyurea boat VCR