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Qingdao Shamu Polyurea Project of Xiluodu Hydropower Station

Published:2018-06-06  Source:ShaMu international  View:756

Xiluodu Hydropower Station is the vital project of the West-East Power Transmission Project in China, located in the Jinsha River, junction of Sichuan and Yunnan province. It is the nearest main power supplier in the Jinsha River and also the largest hydropower station in the Jinsha River.
Because the flood scours the spillway too much in flood season, Shamu team carried out the consolidation project for the No.3 Spillway----spraying pure polyurea for the wall in spillway in February of 2015. This spraying project was divided into 2 parts, exit and eddy place in spillway. In June and July of each year, the flood speed is up to 40~50m/s, which ruins the spillway seriously. Before applying polyurea, it was necessary to repair the spillway with much concrete. Recently, Shamu was informed with project---consolidation for the cement cover plate for the hydropower generator. By the way, Shamu paid a visit to spraying part in 2015. From the investigation, though the polyurea-sprayed spillway has been served for more than 3 years, the layer of polyurea showed no delamination or crack, protecting well the concrete substrate and get good high recognition from the contractor.
Faced with the giant decline of polyurea application of high-speed railway and water entertainment park, Shamu always insist priority of the quality. Step by step, from Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in 2011, Shanxi Hengshan Reservoir in 2013, to Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley railway, Shamu gradually come to the top the Chinese polyurea application field.

Polyurea spraying in No.3 Spillway, February 3, 2015

Polyurea-sprayed spillway, April, 2018 

Polyurea layer after serving for more than 3years, April, 2018

‘One point polyurea, Nine point application’, Shamu insist developing high-quality pure polyurea and improving application technology in practice. Shamu always combine the theory with application and dedicate in creating quality project, model project and classic project, accelerating the development of China polyurea application.